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Thyristor Power Regulator

Compact . Lightweight . Powerful Series .

CHINO is a leading manufacturer of process control equipments and supplies world class series of thyristors in every part of India with the support of local branch offices and knowledgeable sales engineers.

CHINO manufacturers various kind of thyristor regulator / power regulator series such as single phase thyristor regulators and three phase thyristor regulators and providing two types of control methods, a general phase control method and a frequency division control method that performs zero-cross switching, and can be used by switching.

Our world class and made in japan JB, JU and JW series of thyristor regulators are supporting many industries, plant and factories.You can choose CHINO thyristor regulators from this series according to your requirement at good price.
Thyristor Regulator JU Series CHINO

Thyristor Regulator JU Series CHINO

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Package TypeBox
Country of OriginMade in India
Mounting TypeDIP
PhasesSingle Phase
Rated Current10,20,30,50,75,100,150,200,250,300,400,500,750,1000A (to be specified)
Rated Voltage100,110,120,200,220,240,380,400,440VAC (to be specified)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz (automatic change)
The JU series is a small, lightweight, single-phase thyristor regulator with high panel packing density.
There are two types of control methods, a general phase control method and a frequency division control method that performs zero-cross switching, and can be used by switching.

  • Compact structure
  • Compact, lightweight and high panel installation density
  • Options
  • The options of heater disconnection alarm function and current limit function are available.
  • Phase-angle firing/zero-cross firing
  • The phase-angle firing system and the zero-cross firing system are selectable. The running by the phase-angle firing system at the initial stage and by the zero-cross firing system at the normal stage is possible.
  • Zero-cross firing system
  • With the delta-sigma modulation, which controls every 1 cycle, the fine control like the phase-angle firing system is possible.
  • Setting unit (option)
  • Display of various parameters, voltage/current/ power and change of the feedback system are possible.
  • Various protections functions built-in
  • The thyristor element is protected by melting of the rapid fuse for short-circuit of load, and by gate-off for over-current. For models with a cooling fan built-in, alarm is activated and output is stopped for abnormal heat-sink temperature.
  • Self-diagnosis function built-in
  • The self-diagnosis function is built in for abnormal operation, abnormal thyristor element and abnormal power supply.

Allowable frequency fluctuation+-2Hz of rated frequency (+-1Hz for performance guarantee)
Working temperature range-10 to 55 DegreeC (0 to 50 DegreeC for performance guarantee)
Input signalSelectable on terminals of 4 to 20mADC (internal resistance 100), 1 to 5VDC (internal resistance 25k), ON-OFF contact signal, and Resistance signal (10k, manual)
Output range0 to 98% of rated voltage
Minimum load current0.5A or more (at 98% output of rated voltage)
Applicable loadResistive load, inductive load (primary side control of transformer, phase-angle firing system only)
Output control systemPhase-angle firing/zero-cross firing (selectable depended on models)
Over-current protectionThyristor gate-off (120% or more of rated current, on built-in or external CT)
Cooling systemNatural cooling for 150A or less of rated current Built-in cooling fan for 200A or more
Other functionsSoft-start, soft-up/down (1 to 20 seconds), soft-start at power failure recovery
DimensionH150 x W70 x D165mm (for 10A, 20A)
H352 x W60 x D190mm (for 35A to 75A)
H325 x W128 x D190mm (for 100A to 250A)
H495 x W128 x D230mm (for 300A to 500A)
H495 x W260 x D350mm (for 750A, 1000A)
WeightAbout 2kg for 10A, 20A, about 3kg for 30 to 75A, about 7kg for 100 to 250A, about 12kg for 300 to 500A, about 35kg for 750A, 1000A

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CHINO-JU-Series

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Thyristor Regulator JW Series CHINO

Thyristor Regulator JW Series CHINO

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PhasesThree Phase
Rated Current10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 500A,750A, 1000A to be specified
Rated Frequencies50/60 Hz (automatic change)
Control SystemPhase angle firing system and zero-crossing firing system
Feedback TypesVoltage, current, power feedback
Working Humidity30 to 90 %RH, No dew-condensation
JW Series is compact lightweight three-phase control thyristor regulators enabling high-density instrumentation. The methods of control are divided into two ways, the phase control and zero-cross control. In the phase control systems, a type with the voltage, current and power feedback control types and a type without those feedbacks are available according to the characteristics of a heater used. JW Series are also capable of advanced three-phase control based on 6-arm control and fine control setting from the setting communication unit. Furthermore, remote control and data monitoring is available by connecting to a host unit.

  • Compact all-in-one configuration
  • Setting communication unit is included
  • Heater disconnection alarm and current limit are included as a standard
  • Controllability is improved with 6-arm control
  • Imbalanced alarm function equipped as standard
  • Various protective functions

Rated voltage200V AC(200V/ 220V/ 240V selectable by switch)
400V AC(380V/ 400V/ 440V selectable by switch)
to be specified ( main circuit power supply and control circuit power supply are common)
* The models which have a different main circuit power supply and a control circuit power supply are manufactureable.
WeightAbout 6kg for 10A and 20A
About 8kg for 30A and 50A
About 13kg for 75A and 100A
About 22kg for 150A to 250A,
About 36kg for 300 to 500A
Control input signal4 to 20mA DC( input resistance is approx. 100 )
1 to 5V DC( input resistance is approx. 50k )
Current limit0 to 100 %of output range
Output range0 to 98 % of supplied power voltage
Applicable loadResistive load, inductive load,
density 1.2 T or lower are recommended)
Minimum load current0.5 A or more( at 98% output of rated voltage)
Working temperature-10 to 55 DegreeC
In case of more than 40 DegreeC it depends on the following derating performance
Working humidity30 to 90 %RH, No dew-condensation

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